Application screenupdating not working in excel 2016

It is saving the workbook before mailing it with a date/time stamp. Excel will automatic update the reference number to Outlook when you open your workbook in a higher version of Excel/Outlook but not update it when you open it in a lower version of Excel/Outlook.

After the file is sent the workbook will be deleted from your hard disk. With Late Binding as I used in the macro examples you not have this problem.

They may already be off in which case I guess it should check first?

I have searched this forum but not come up with anything.

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I’ve written earlier tutorials about this topic, but I have had to change sequences of steps in the protocol because more recent versions of Excel were not as flexible with order of operations as Excel 2003 (RIP).

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To fill under or between XY series, we’ll make use of this same approach: XY data on primary axes, Area data on secondary axes, with a secondary date axis.

Let’s start with the simple case of filling color below an XY plot.

Simple data, simple chart of type Scatter With Straight Lines and Markers.

We need to do some calculations to produce data for the area chart series (see below).

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