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Half of the zine is from the perspective of ETHER and tells of his experiences within the Victoria Prison System.The other half of the zine gives details of UTAH's exploits, traveling and painting in Australia without her partner and while on the run from the police.New research examining the link between common flame retardant chemicals and fertility rates finds that women with higher levels of the chemicals in their bodies have lower chances of fertilization, pregnancy and live birth compared with women who have low levels of the chemicals in their bodies. Here's everything you need to know: On the panel this week joining host Bonnie Erbe is: Carrie Lukas, President, Independent Women’s Forum; Lara Brown, Associate Professor, George Washington University; Manal Omar, CEO & Founder, Across Red Lines & Truman National Security Fellow; Rina Shah, Republican Strategist Growing up, I had heard the name O. She used this moment as what many African American families consider, “The Talk”.We've already marked a few women's holidays this year—including International Women's Day (March 8) and Equal Pay Day (April 4)—so you're well within your rights to wonder what exactly we're celebrating on Women's Equality Day this Saturday, Aug. She explained to me racial tensions within society, what it meant to commit a murder and police brutality.The zine features personal stories from both the artists, as well as photos and evidence from the Magistrates Courts of Melbourne. Free worldwide shipping with tracking.***Please note that this zine ships separately from other items in our store.*** Available in the shop.Printed offset on 70 gsm Bright Newsprint.56 pages.

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During his time at Eastham, Clyde transformed from petty criminal to emotionless killer when he murdered Ed Crowder, a man who had been sexually assaulting him since he entered the prison.

But what is the real story behind Bonnie — a girl from Cement City, Texas, a small industrial town three miles west of Dallas — and Clyde — a young man of 5-foot-6 with dark, wavy hair and tattoos on his arms that included a heart-dagger and the letters “U. N.” from a failed attempt to enter the Navy as a teenager?

Growing up in Dallas in the back room of his father’s filling station, Clyde’s first brush with the law came in 1926 when he was arrested for automobile theft as a result of neglecting to return a rental car.

James Cameron, the filmmaker and director of Titanic and The Terminator who’s now threatening the world with the promise of four more Avatar movies, thought and ostensibly said out loud that Warner Bros.’ breakaway superhero hit Wonder Woman is “a step backwards” in its portrayal of women. I had no clue who he was and as I was growing up, I assumed he was an uncle or distant relative.

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins isn’t having it. has no shortage of questionable holidays (hello, National Rum Day), Women's Equality Day is a vitally important day for roughly half of the country's population, with real roots in American history. When he was found guilty of a different crime, I gained the courage to finally ask my mother who he was.

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