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century, denied the Protestant and Catholic beliefs of infant baptism and state-run religion; consequently, they were persecuted and often killed for their strict obedience to their Christ-discipleship beliefs.These New-Testament pacifists, who were considered left wing radicals and rebels were frowned upon by traditional religious groups because they stood strong for the separation of the church from the state, and practiced Christian communism.

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They began in Canada and have since branched out into the American Prairie provinces.

Some of the Hutterites and Mennonites (called “ Cornies” after the influence of Johann Cornies) integrated and societal rules changed, innovations in agriculture grew, horticulture and pastoral methods were shared, and an understanding of branching out, as a beneficial factor, affected the Hutterites.

Some friction and differences remained between the Mennonites and the Hutterites however, but Michael Waldner promoted communal living via “psychic experiences, trances, and visions.” p. By the late 1800’s the Hutterites began leaving Russia to move to America to colonize on new ground. 5: America (specifically in the Dakotas – Sioux Indian country) brought the Hutterites into new growth, exceeding that of the “golden” period.

Their social networks typically remain within the colony, although they do communicate with other nearby colonies and also with a few links in the public sector, since they are primarily agricultural communities and sell their products in order to provide for the needs of the colony.

Babies and children, and their respective nuclear families, stay close throughout their lives, although once the children reach about 3 years old they begin the process of integration into the colony, which consists of strict rules, learning hard work and one’s place within the colony, and correction and guidance from the colony as a whole, rather than from just their parents.

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