Kim kardashian is dating what football player

ecurity experts believe that the reality TV star’s obsession with social media updates, allowing fans to keep track of her every movement, may have helped the masked gang that ransacked her luxury Paris apartment.When your whole blingtastic existence is dedicated to showing off how rich you are, then greedy, unscrupulous men trying to get their hands on you’re the bling is regrettable, but hardly surprising.She even revealed that at one point Kris Jenner was cheating with her tennis instructor and when Robert went to his house to drag Kris home, Kris refused to leave and asked her husband if he would take care of their newborn son Rob Kardashian so that she could stay with her lover!As far as Kris’s affair with OJ Simpson, according to Ashley when Khloe was born Robert was convinced that she was OJ’s daughter.While CDL has long being convinced that Khloe Kardashian’s father is Alex Roldan, Kris Jenner’s hairdresser when Khloe was conceived a new report promotes Khloe as being infamous football player OJ Simpson’s daughter.

Jan recently sat down with Radar Online and told them about Kris Jenner’s multiple affairs.

Kim Kardashian has no qualms about playing the field and dating another athlete (hello, NBAer Kris Humphries! But there's one league she's done dabbling with."No," she replied when I asked her if she's hesitant to date another pro at the launch of her Brissmor watch line last night, "But I probably would never date a footballer again! starlet was all business last night, attending the watch launch party all by her lonesome.

" Apparently hooking up with the likes of Reggie Bush and Miles Austin has ruined the NFL for her! "My favorite part about being single is just that I can focus on work and not feel guilty," she told me at the Whisper Lounge in L. None of her famous fam was on hand, but plenty of fans were.

Of course, you wouldn’t wish an armed robbery on anyone.

Not even someone daft enough to post a picture on Instagram of themselves wearing a £3.5million diamond ring.

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