Truncate table updating statistics oracle

Optimizer statistics should be gathered after any significant data change. There are exceptions but a lack of indexes is not a good enough reason.

It's true that one of the main benefits of accurate statistics is deciding whether to use a full table scan or an index access.

So you would expect that the cost would be the same after running the Thanks, Justin.

Settings can be modified to reduce statistics gathering time.

I interviewed a couple of senior ETL developer candidates last week, so I shook the dust off of some of my tried-and-true probes for technical knowledge.

Microsoft SQL Server has the ability to drop or truncate tables that have more than 128 extents without holding simultaneous locks on all the extents required for the drop. TRUNCATE TABLE permissions default to the table owner, members of the sysadmin fixed server role, and the db_owner and db_ddladmin fixed database roles, and are not transferable.

However, you can incorporate the TRUNCATE TABLE statement within a module, such as a stored procedure, and grant appropriate permissions to the module using the EXECUTE AS clause.

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